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two from one.
I found an old circle table cloth from a flea market. It was too big to make a single full circle skirt (and the print was kinda.. not-so-pretty) , so I decided to make two mini skirts! The other one is a full circle one, it's made from the center piece of the table cloth. The other is just a 'normal' mini skirt, it was made from the 'hem' of the table cloth. There was so much material left after I cut out the center, that I could have made two more skirts from the edges :) Naturally the other skirt needed to be sewn at the hem also, since it was cut from the middle of the table cloth. The one from the egdepiece was already finished at the hem. I just sewed a tunnel for the elastic on the one from the center piece, and in the other one I sewed this wide elastic waistband. Could no be much easier :)

btw, sorry about my crappy english. I'm noticing that writing instructions for something like this requires a vocabulary I just don't have :)

Posted by Aino from Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland • Published See Aino's 8 projects »


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Aino · Rovaniemi, Lapland, FI · 8 projects
Thanks Happy My english is just fine, until I have to use some 'special vocabulary', then I begin to have difficulties Happy But live and learn, and reading this site helps a lot Happy
kathleenserene · U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US · 40 projects
Very cute! And I thought your English was fine! (In fact, I didn't even pick up on it being your first language until you admitted it!)

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