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40 mins

Multi-colored tutu made from tulle bought in rolls.
Single colored tutu made from polyester that I cut.
For the multi-colored tutu I bought 3 rolls of tulle in orange, pink and white. I also bought an elastic band that I cut and some hooks.
I used the hooks for the baby tutu because a baby can untie a ribbon waist tie that you would normally use for a bigger child.
Decide which length you want.

For my daughter I wanted the tutu to be 8 inches long so we double
the number to 16. Keep in mind that the tulle will be folded.

Measure the waist with the elastic band. Contrary to belief, once you
start wrapping your tulle, the band most likely will not be as elastic if elastic at all. When this happens the elastic becomes longer as well. The tulle needs to be tight and secure for a baby tutu because they DO pull and tug on it.


Take a piece of cut tulle and fold it in half. I personally found it easier and a lot cleaner to twist the middle of the tulle but do as you wish. Don't fold the tulle in half over the elastic. You will begin to do slip knots with your tulle. If you are unsure what a slip knot is please look it up. It is a lot easier to see an example than read if you are a visual person. You will slip knot all of your tulle in the order of color til you have finished.

At the ends of the elastic I sewed on a hook and eye (closures) to hold the tutu shut for my little one.

I also bought glittered flowers to sew AND super glue to make sure they wont be coming off. Like I said before. A baby will pull it apart. :)

The solid pink tutu is made from cut polyester. Made the same way BUT I used a piece of polyester as the band and didn't wrap the polyester all the way around so that i could tie a bow to close the tutu.
I don't recommend polyester because if it's not cut correct it will rip and shred very easy so I suggest other materials.

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