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Tutorial On Braided Rope Bracelets
Today our tutorial is about how to make rope bracelets. In some of your eyes, rope may be looked a little bit rough and the braided rope bracelets will not look as good as the waxed ropes bracelets.

Actually you don't need to worry too much, because braided rope bracelets I will show is not rough at all but nice and comfortable. Button knots are made at two ends. Then braiding is done with four ropes. Well, let's go down to how to make rope bracelets in details.


  • How to make a rope bracelet. Tutorial On Braided Rope Bracelets - Step 1
    Step 1

    Make a button knot
    1. Place two ropes to a door shape with the white one inside.
    2. Make a button knot:
    ① Make a loop with right ropes over left ones with right end passing over as you rotate it and then turn upward this loop.
    ② Pass left ropes under right end, over left loop and under itself to shape a loop to the right.
    ③ Pass right ropes over left ones, and up through the center space.
    ④ Turn to left ropes, counterclockwise wrap it under left end, over upper right ropes and up through the center space.
    ⑤ Tighten threads, and adjust the knot.
    3. Cross the white rope inside.
    4. Down thread the white ropes over the blue one each side.

  • How to make a rope bracelet. Tutorial On Braided Rope Bracelets - Step 2
    Step 2

    The ending work
    1. Bring the white cords inside to bind the blue ones.
    2. Go on braiding in the same way. Stop braiding at a length which is suitable for your wrist.
    3. Then make a button knot in the end. Cut off the redundant ropes.
    4. Wear the bracelet by link the two button knots.

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ForestFolk · Kidderminster, England, GB
I can't work out how to do the button knot, just can't follow what goes where Happy

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