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Based on Toilet Paper Roll Scrapbook And Love Letter by anemona
I just happened to see these on you tube and here on cut out & keep had to make my own! I think they were tutorials for these but I mostly saw finished ones and they were sooo creative, pretty and cute.
I think for the most is that's good to use is about 5-6 toilet paper rolls, so that's how many I had use, then covered with scrapbook paper. I used a hole punch to tie different textures of ribbon together on the rings after done, which I added to tags also. I decorated each one front and back something like scrapbook pages. The ribbons are just doubled tied, just at the ends of each tag to look nice and be able to pull out easier. The last pix is of the tags that have two calendar month on each tag, I made to slide into the middle of the rolls. These you can circle important dates on them, you can put pictures or journaling on the back of each calendar tag also,or whatever to front and back or both. The last but least pix is shown without the tags inserted.

This was fun to make and I plan to make more like baby, brthdays, i can't wait to see tem done ty, for looking at my projects.

Posted by Joni A. from Wheatland, Wyoming, United States • Published See Joni A.'s 3 projects »


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Sheila Squirrel
Sheila Squirrel
Thanks for the info Joni. For your info I had many very popular projects on this site and removed them because of out and out plagerism!
Joni A.
Joni A. · Wheatland, Wyoming, US · 3 projects
im new to this site and yes i saw this projecton here, im still trying to fugure out the site, and how it works, i didnt copy and paste the wors, i just kinda mixed it with my words, like i said im new, and i was just needin a push on what to say, all i can say to you is keep your mouth shut if you dont have nothing nice to say dont say it,and for you you shouldnt be talking cause you have no projects listed, and you are a very rude person. And was it off your list of items i copy, if not shut your mouth. ty
Sheila Squirrel
Sheila Squirrel
Although you say you have seen this CO&K you give no credit to the person. Also I don't like it when people copy and paste someone elses words. Do you really think by not linking and changing a few words that we are that stupid not to notice. Feel free to write your explanation and any expleatives you may feel you need to put...but don't steal others words.

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