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Tissue Paper garland
This DIY for tissue paper garland is a super easy way to add a bit of creativity and color to a party, an office space, or even a kid's bedroom!

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  • How to make a garland. Tissue Paper Garland - Step 1
    Step 1

    Choose your color scheme and purchase your tissue paper. I like to use 3-4 different colors, and do a “light-to-dark” repeating pattern.

    Roll out your tissue paper on a flat surface, and make sure that all edges are lined up. If you want smaller tassels, then you’ll need to cut your paper accordingly in half, fourths, etc.

    Fold your sheets of paper in half to create a center crease. Make sure your sheets are nice and lined up (if they’re not, the tassel will look messy).

    Next, take your paper cutter (or scissors) and cut strips about 1-inch wide going towards the edge stopping around 2 inches from the fold.

    Once you’ve cut the 1-inch strips along the whole edge of the paper, unfold and you will see the middle is still intact.

  • How to make a garland. Tissue Paper Garland - Step 2
    Step 2

    Carefully roll the paper tightly down the center crease, until you get to the edge of the paper.

    Tightly twist the rolled paper to create a loop.

    Repeat until you have enough tassels, depending on the size of your garland.

    Take a piece of twine and string the tassels together. If you want to prevent them from sliding around on the string, you can either twist each loop tightly, or tie little knots after you string each tassel.

    Thumbtacks or strong tape work best to hang them on the wall.

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