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Based on Tim Burton Magnets by Jeanette
I'm glad u came up with these Jeanette! I've made so many different magnets using this, u have no idea. lol I make a stronger version of these, using recycled cardboard (cereal boxes mostly), instead of cardstock. In the end, they look like store-bought magnets! (I will never buy them again!)

I've made tons as gifts, but i can only show ones i just made and from my personal collection.

~ Alice In Wonderland magnets (For the AIW swap. Each is surrounded with glitter....my favorites the March Hare teacup.)
~ Vegan Magnet (Made for a 'Happygram' to a fellow veggie. I hand-drew the design myself)
~ "Beauty 24/7" Magnet (Another 'Happygram' to a hairdresser. Again hand-drawn.)
~ Hello Kitty cupcake Magnet (a tattoo design i made a while back. Theyre both just on paper, cuz i didnt take pics of the final projects before i sent them.)
~ The last is my filing cabinet. It has Johnny The Homicidal Maniac, Tank Girl, Lady Gaga, Johnny Depp, an old pic of Jonathan Davis from Korn, and (in the top left corner) a cartoon drawing a friend did of me in high school.

lol making these are so addictive.

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