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Tie dye tips!
Okay so alot of people know about tie dying! I love love love to tie dye and I have done some trial and error's myself. So I thought about sharing them with everyone!!!
**Remember There is no RIGHT way to tie your tie dye shirt, it's all in the way you fold your shirt! That's why it's so much fun.. no shirt will be the same!

*First! You will want to pick out a shirt I found that 100% cotton is the best for bright colors! 50% cotton and 50% polyester will give you the pastel colors.
*Second! Always ALWAYS wash your shirt before dying! Only soap NO fabric softener.
*Third! After washing you will want to "band" or tie off your shirt with rubber bands or string.DO NOT DRY your shirt, you want it to be damp right out of the washer the dyes work better that way!
*Fourth! After dying your shirt you will want to put it in a plastic bag and let sit for at least 6-8 hours! I will sometimes do 24 hours. The longer you let the dye sit on the shirt the better the colors will come out!
*Fifth! You want to rinse out your shirt till the water runs clear! Then put in washer and let it run through the quick rinse and spin cycle. After thats done you will want to wash your shirt! Remember no Fabric softener just soap! Then dry!!!
*I would run the quick rinse and spin wash cycle with nothing in it so that the dye doesn't run onto any of the other clothes that you might wash that week.
* The first few washes of your new tie dye shirt will want to be with old towels since the dye could still run out onto your other clothes.
* I also know how to tie dye with RID powders!
*Any questions please ask!!
p.s. Maybe I should have done a how to :)

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