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Save your old nail polish from being thrown away!!!
Don't you hate when you wanto to paint your nails and the anail polish is so thick that you cant paint one nail without messing up?... Well, with this easy tip you won't suffer any more for this.

Posted by Antonella M. from Santiago, Santiago Metropolitan Region, Chile • Published See Antonella M.'s 6 projects »
  • How to paint a nail painting. Thick Nail Polish?.. No More! - Step 1
    Step 1

    All you have to do is just put boiling water into a small container (make sure it won't melt)an dip your nail polish into the water, wait a second and begin painting, but you have to do it quickly because when the water starts to cool the nail polish is going to thicken again.

  • How to paint a nail painting. Thick Nail Polish?.. No More! - Step 2
    Step 2

    -If you are like me and you paint your fingers too, all you have to do is dip then into warm water and gently rub them with a sponge (do dis only when your nails are COMPLETELY dry, otherwise you are gonna make a mess)

    -When you're gonna paint your nails allways work on coats, beacuse it dries faster and it will make you things easier if you(like me) aren't a pro at this.

    Have fun!
    (please excuse me if my english isn'the best xD)

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Dori.Loga · Buras-Triumph, Louisiana, US
Don't use nail polish remover! they have this stuff called Nail polish thinner, nail polish remover will break down the polish... messing up the color, or making it useless.
Nyxie K.
Nyxie K. · Orlando, Florida, US
Another more permanent way of fixing thick nail polish is to very carefully putting a few drops of nail polish remover into the bottle of nail polish and shake it up. Only put a few drops at a time you can add more if it is still too thick but you can't under putting in too much.

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