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Make yourself a chunky, cosy eeeeeeasy cowl
This snood pattern was the result of many a failed cowl attempt; most were too clunky and dense for me.
I found that by using a maaaaaasive 15mm hook and a V stitch pattern, I could create a comfortable and (more importantly) warm snood/cowl.

I use US crochet terms, so my Double Crochet (dc) here is the same as a UK Treble stitch. You will work from the bottom of the snood upwards in rows. You'll need a tapestry (blunt) needle to hide any ends and to sew the piece together.

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  • Step 1

    You need some super-chunky yarn (about 100-150g) - anything that recommends you use a 8-10mm hook (try Sirdar Indie or Big Softie) and a 15mm hook (I bought mine online) don't worry, it's made of plastic, so is light to manoeuvre and you soon get used to it.

  • Step 2

    Chain 42. I use the chainless foundation stitch as I think it gives a good structure to the bottom of the snood, but a simple chain will do. Your chain needs to measure just over 22 inches/ 57cms and its total number should be a multiple of 3.

  • Step 3

    [You are going to work in rows, turning at the end of each.]

    Turn. Chain 3 (counts as a dc). Make a dc in the 6th stitch from the hook. Chain 1. Dc in the same stitch. Skip 2 stitches, (dc, chain-1, dc) in the next stitch.

    Repeat along the row. Make a dc in the top of the 3rd chain from the previous row.

  • How to make a cowl. The Ultimate Crochet Cowl - Step 4
    Step 4

    Turn. Chain 3. (dc, chain-1, dc) in the chain-1 space from the previous row (the V) Repeat along the row. Make a dc in the 3rd chain from the previous row.

    Repeat this step until your snood reaches the desired height- anything from 33 - 40 cms seems good to me, or until you run out of yarn
    Fold the two edges together and stitch up!

    Fasten off.

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