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you can make it in less than twelve parsecs
I made this decoration for May the 4th Be With You at the office where I work! I don't own a Cricut myself, but I go to scrapbook parties once a month and get to use the one there.
Since I don't have my own Cricut... I'm sorry, but I don't know which cartridges I used! Any stars, font, and pine tree will do, though. :) The koala is from the Create a Critter cartridge.
It takes some time and effort, but looks lovely!

Posted by Ariel B. from Kalamazoo, Michigan, United States • Published See Ariel B.'s 20 projects »

  • Step 1

    Make a brown and blonde koala. Don't use the eyes, nose, or mouth.
    Make new, bigger eyes, mess up the nose a little, and give him a big, happy mouth. Don't be afraid to make his eyes a little naughty- those Ewoks tend to get in a little trouble!

  • Step 2

    Take orange scrapbook paper and cut it to about the size of the koala. (you can use the koala as a stencil.) Mark where its head would go, then draw its cowl. Be sure to cover a little of its ears and a little bit of his face. Ewoks need to hide in the forest, sometimes.

  • Step 3

    Make spears out of scrap paper. Make sure the ends are nice and pointy and the length of the staff is longer than the Ewok itself.

  • Step 4

    Print out all of the stars and trees you'd like! I made sections of Star Wars around the office, so I spelled out exactly where this scene takes place. Don't forget to stagger the sizes of the stars and trees, putting the bigger trees more towards the bottom to create a more 3D effect.
    Enjoy your Ewoks! =)

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