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Based on Tentacle Box by TraumaDoll
I give huge kudos to the TraumaDoll who created this wonderful thing in the first place. I made this for my boyfriend. He loves playing magic the gathering and I found this project, and it reminded me of a cthulhu. This project was pretty pricy. I couldn't find a cheap box anywhere that was under $10. This was like $15 and its pretty cheaply made. I thought that I could put my wood burning skills to the test and I drew a design on the top of the box to give it a little more magical chest like feel to it. It was the first time I had ever tried wood burning and I think I did a mediocre job. I burnt my fingers countless times. :) Oh, and I had to end up using gorilla glue to keep the tentacles on because the hot glue would melt because it would get too hot in my house that they would fall off. So far the gorilla glue has been a beast.

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Koko C.
Koko C. · 3 projects
this looks awesome, especially the design. Next time you can go to a cigar shop, often you get the boxes for free or only little money Happy

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