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cut and stylish hat for fancy dress parties or just to wear out in general!
this is my first time doing something like this so forgive me if you find it messed up.

I got the idea from:
http://www.cutoutandkeep.net/projects/darling-tea-cup-hat-topper shes amazing at hats and much better then me, its a shame she doesn't post tutorial up for this thanks to people selling there designs on from this tutorial, i don't mind anyone using this tutorial to sell as its my own but i would like you to at least inform me so i can look at them! thankyou so much for checking out my first tutorial i just hope it makes sense ive done 2 ways for you my way and how you can do it if you have talent XD

please note i did not create the teacup hats, they are lovely though and this is all new to me as a hobby, thankyou to Vanessa for posting such lovely hats for me to be inspired by and the tutorial below isnt a template so i suggest you not use it.

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  • How to make a tea cup hat. Tea Cup Hat How To - Step 1
    Step 1

    for this project i used uhu glue but you can use fabric glue its whatever holds best and doesn't melt your items.
    please note ive not put how much fabric etc you need because your hat size can vary to how big you want it, i would suggest always have to much instead of too little, i used main fabric from clothes i had and i also had the ribbon so the price can vary.

    first I got thick cardboard and cut a large circle and a little circle for the base, I cut a slit into the cardboard and twist it into a circle/cup shape.I then sellotaped it so it wouldn't come loose or loose its shape, you don't need much just a bit(if your top and bottom miss match after sellotaping just cut them into an even level),with another piece of thick card i cut a circle shape bigger then what is to be my cup this is the saucer, i then sellotaped the cup to the saucer base.

  • How to make a tea cup hat. Tea Cup Hat How To - Step 2
    Step 2

    next i put glue in a bowl and ripped up shreds of newspaper dipped them in glue and paper mached the whole cup and saucer together, i only needed one layer because i used thick card, if you are using thin card you will need more layers its got to be thick for it to hold together and dry.

    after leaving them to dry i put a large amount of fabric over the cup and saucer to measure how much i needed, now if you have got talent unlike me or you don't want to do a corset effect like me i suggest you measure the outside cup and saucer with one fabric and the inside measure with another fabric and glue down, both but the outside fabric make a lip to go over the top, it doesn't have to be neat but straight at least c:

  • How to make a tea cup hat. Tea Cup Hat How To - Step 3
    Step 3

    i used one fabric as a whole i then folded on the inside of the cup like the picture to make a corset shaped back, the fabric folded down the front and back the same, i glued it all down with uhu glue inside let it dry for a bit and then pushed in the outside to get the shape,again with the glue i glued and pushed down till i got the shape and pushed under the saucer the fabric and glued, any access material was cut off, if you want to do what Vanessa did for the inside for her padded cup she made a small inside circle and put fabric over it and attached it to the inside cup, im planning to do that to this because it neatens up any access material or errors this im yet to do, i had 3 days to do this for a fancy dress party so i will deffo add to it.

  • How to make a tea cup hat. Tea Cup Hat How To - Step 4
    Step 4

    after i had gathered and glued the material the base needed doing next,i measured the matching material to the bottom of the saucer and cut to measure and then i cut measuring slits where the headband needed to go into the matching base material (do this also if you're using ribbon)pushed the head-band through then i glued the base material to the bottom saucer like in the picture (ignore the glue marks i used the wrong glue at first picked that one up which was next to the uhu that seeped through and made a mark but it will never leave a mark like this unless you use the wrong glue :/)

  • How to make a tea cup hat. Tea Cup Hat How To - Step 5
    Step 5

    i then sewn in the edges to make them neat, now here's where i did the error i added a fabric rim and i should have sewn both in at once but i did sewing on top of sewing which tbh is harder but i did it as you can see in the picture you can add any fabric rim you want to C:.

  • How to make a tea cup hat. Tea Cup Hat How To - Step 6
    Step 6

    next i got some blue ribbon i had and i tied it around the base joining the cup and the saucer, you can anything to this you don't have to add ribbon but i did so its not all in one design(im planning to put some around the top too), where you have your two fabrics if you didn't do what ive done is you add your material that you want like ribbon,pearls etc to cover up your edges just like Vanessa has done it again adds character and neatens it up C: for me because i was going to a fancy dress party as Alice in wonderland where i did the corset back i got some red wool and sewn it into the back like a corset shape, i then got a corked bottle filled it up with water, added glitter to the water, put the lid on and shook it till it mixed and made this, i then glued the lid on with uhu glue so it wouldnt move and attached a key and drink me sign with wool string and then tied it around the ribbon,you can add anything to your hat to make it your own its just about patience and taking your time.

  • How to make a tea cup hat. Tea Cup Hat How To - Step 7
    Step 7

    the final part to this was adding a handle i got some pipe cleaners x2 sellotaped them togther, bent the handle into shape cut the access pipe cleaner area got my trusty uhu, used the same material i used for the rim fabric and wrapped it around the pipe cleaner while adding uhu glue. i left it to dry for a bit and glued the handle to the side again using uhu and left it to dry, then my hat was done!

  • How to make a tea cup hat. Tea Cup Hat How To - Step 8
    Step 8

    this is the end of the tutorial i hoped it helped you i did two ways just in case you found mine bad, im not perfect at this as this is my very first project like this i have made without a tutorial and i have dislexia but im sure Vanessa's way was much easier then what ive described for both ways,i do not own the creation of these hats and if you are really lazy you could just glue a cup to a base and add fabric but then you have the problem of weight.

    thanks for reading this though, this is me modeling the hat at my mates fancy dress, i got everyone wanting my wig and hat XD

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