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Sweet/Sour Chicken for the Gluten & Lactose Intolerant
I am a hungry girl. AND I am gluten intolerant AND lactose intolerant. Yeah yeah, sucks to be me!!!! I can still drink booze so shut up! (atleast today that is! GAHHHHH! - that would really suck! - Ummm I mean dear Murphy - whatever I don't care!)

So I made this for dinner and it's pretty good if I do say so myself!

Kind of like Gen. Tso Chicken - only without MSG or Wheat!
Enjoy folks!


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  • Step 1

    When cutting the chicken into bite-sized pieces, remove any tough stuff.
    In small frying pan, add some evoo and heat to sizzling. In a bowl mix eggs and milk. Beat until well combined.
    Place corn starch and seasonings in a shallow bowl and mix.
    Dunk pieces of chicken in the egg mixture. Allow excess to drain.
    Dredge the chicken pieces in the coating thoroughly. Here is your chance to practice with your chop sticks and keep the crud off from your fingers.
    Drop pieces into the hot oil and fry until deep golden brown. Turn as necessary to cook evenly on all sides. When golden brown, turn down heat and cover and cook for 5 min. Watching to make sure not burning. Then remove to paper towel covered plate to drain.

  • Step 2

    Directions for Making Sweet and Sour Sauce
    Place pineapple juice and water in sauce pan. Heat over low flame. Slowly add sugar while stirring.
    When sugar has dissolved, slowly add the vinegar and the lemon juice while stirring.
    Add corn starch and stir while heating. Bring to a boil.
    Stir constantly until thickened. Add strawberry water (not the strawberries) and stir well to mix. Continue to heat and stir until almost a syrup. Remove from heat and set aside. It will thicken fast - wisking will help this. Turn off heat and let sit.

  • Step 3

    Directions for Assembling Completed Dish
    Add a little oil in the chicken pan over medium heat. Add vegetables (but not the pineapple) and cook, stirring frequently, until onions begin to caramelize, reduce heat and cover - check in 3 minutes.

  • Step 4

    Add sweet and sour sauce and continue cooking and stirring until vegetable are bite tender and sauce has re-thickened and clings to the vegetables.
    Add pineapple and chicken into the vegetables and sauce. Simmer until heated through. Serve over rice.

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