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Help your friends and family suvive with this nifty Survival Kit.
These make a very simple and cheap gift for someone who is close to you, so that every time they see it they'll think of you.

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  • How to make a sick kit. Survival Kit - Step 1
    Step 1

    Gather everything you need and put it in a container. I used an origami box I made out of some nice paper for my first one and a nice gift bag for my second, but you can use a paper bag, a plastic container or anything else you have lying around.

  • Step 2

    Then write or print out the following and put it in the kit to explain what each item is for.

    Toothpick- to help pick out the good qualities in everyone, including yourself.
    Bandaid- to heal hurt feelings.
    Smiley Face- because smiling is contagious.
    Pencil- to write down everything good that happens in your day.
    Eraser- a reminder to start everyday with a new slate.
    Sticky Tape- to tape your lips shut when you have nothing nice to say.
    Stars-to reflect what you can be.
    Nail File-to smooth over rough edges.
    Glitter-to make things sparkle.
    Velcro-to help you get a grip on things.
    Rubber Band-to stretch you to your limits.
    Peg-to keep things together.
    Match-to light your path.

  • Step 3

    you can also add your own little items with their own meanings if you want.

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Ella · 2 projects
I made one of these for my friend ages ago for christmas and she loved it!
Ramona Vicious Monroe
i love how you give reasons on why to have these thing, not the things that they are meant for but cute little things on why they are needed
Karli L.
Karli L. · Langhorne, Pennsylvania, US
That's so cute. My 1st grade teacher did something like this for us when we finished the year.
The Silver Swan
The Silver Swan · Waterloo, Ontario, CA · 2 projects
That is so cute! I think I am going to make one and give it to my best friend whom I haven't seen in a long long time. She will love it. Happy
ɐɯlɐ! · 1 project
this is the cutest.
i think i'm going
to make one now! :
Maja · Philippine, Zeeland, NL · 3 projects
that's so cute! (:

i'm going to give one to the boy. thanks for sharing!
charmaine · Singapore, SG · 10 projects
so meaningful!
i wish i could receive something like this
k.e.l.l.y. · 6 projects
I love things like that! When you need to brighten your day, just go to your survival kit <3
Michelle Y.
Michelle Y. · Calgary, Alberta, CA
Aww...what a great meaning you put to those items!
Moxie D.
Moxie D. · Chandler, Arizona, US · 4 projects
I love the little sayings that go with each item. Great idea Happy
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