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Plastic Canvas Supermariobros2 case for my kobo ereader
I started this near the end of october 2011 by playing the super mario all stars [sm2 game] emulator on my computer and decided that would be my ereader design. I finished the first week of december 2011 due to alot of my perfectionism coming out and ripping everything out. It's not very stable [i won't put anything on it and make sure nothign falls on it] I'm thinking of getting some wood to size and glueing them together or ....duct taping hard cardboard pieces together, lol, not sure yet.

It took me about a week and many hours at the computer taking screenshots and pixelating everythign by hand into a needlepoint program. Than the idea to have the image carry through around the case hit me.. so I altered it... and fudged the 'hill' princess is standing on to look a little better [just the seam side you dont really pay attention too]

I tried to stay true to the original super mario bros 2 NES game colours.. like peaches hair and dress colour and the [amusingly] hot pink coloured shyguy.

I thought somethign was missing from that huge field of blue on the left so I decided to put the 'life gauge' which in the nes version are/is diamonds [in snes version they are hearts].

I thought the concept was awesome and everyone loves my case so.

Sorry it took so long for me to upload it here, lol.

Also I don't have a picture but on the top I added two flaps [top and bottom, same size], yarned blue and sewing on velcro to keep my kobo inside. [Long story short... don't attempt to sew velcro that has the sticky glue on the backs to yarn work... i broke 3 needles and ended up ramming the needles backwards into my fingers.. had to duct tape and gauze my fingers later to protect them.. and don't use cheap dollar store plastic canvas.. during that process the yarn started to rip the plastic on the seams so I had to use special clear glue to save it =( but you don't see so yay!

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