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just for show, not very sturdy...
I made this for a burlesque show and I was performing a set based on a pin-up housewife going crazy and being taken offstage in a straitjacket.

First, I used a couple of old used Chef coats (I used to be in cooking school) and took off the front buttonned lappels so I could wear the jacket with the opening to the back. Then I added lenght to the sleeves and closed the ends. I sew on some velcro at the neck so it could stay attached at the top without an extra belt piece. I used polypropylene belt material and bought a couple packs of D shaped loops to act like belt fasteners. I had to scorch the ends of the belt material after cutting it so it wouldn't ripple off. Added the last belt to the sleeves at a comfortable lenght, yet all the belts grip on the loop fasteners very well and can be secured to the desired tightness.

Go crazy!

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jade  j.
jade j. · Rosemead, California, US
love it,10 hours,challenge accepted..
Nikki S.
Nikki S. · Oakland, California, US · 9 projects
I like this idea so much, I think I'll have to make one for myself soon.

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