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Stenciled and cut up tank top from a men's t-shirt :D
Hey everyone! Okay, so this was a boring orange men's tee that i bought for a dollar at Salvation Army. First I re-sized the sleeves, then I cut them off. I did this so that when i cut off the sleeves, the new arm holes wouldn't be so low on my sides. I also re-sized the waist as well. As for the collar, I cut it just ABOVE the seam, because I'm not usually crazy about scoop necks, so by doing what I did, it opens the collar up enough and there isn't much of a chance for it to stretch out too much.
As for the stenciling. i found this 'TRAINWRECK' stencil on this AMAZING stencil website ( http://www.stencilry.org/stencils/words%20and%20phrases/trainwreck.jpg ), I put an art board(but you can just use cardboard or something sturdy) in between the two layers of the tank top to prevent bleeding. I transferred the stencil onto cardstock(so that way it lasts longer). I didn't have a printer with ink so I actually taped wax paper to the screen and traced the design onto it. Then I took the tip of a seam ripper and poked holes to basically get the stencil outline onto the card stock. I used an X-acto knife(or any small craft knife) to cut it out. I taped the stencil to the shirt and painted filled in the empty spaces with acrylic paint(but I recommend fabric paint). Next I just cut out a rectangle from cardstock, big enough to cover the actual stencil, then spray painted regular black spray paint(once again I recommend fabric spray paint) around the edges.
And lastly, the snips. This is definitely the easiest part. Just take a pair of scissors, pinch the fabric and make tiny cuts where ever you see fit. Try snipping different shapes and sizes for a more random 'natural' look or keep it uniform. I also made longer slits just under and along the collar seam. Make sure to stretch out your snips and slits. I decided to have more snips on the back and less on the front since the front already has something going on and the back doesn't :)
Hope you enjoyed and I'll be posting more creations and hopefully some tutorials soon <3 If I skipped anything or you have any questions, feel free to ask away, cuties :)


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