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Soo yeah i spray painted ma phone back
So basically my dad asked me to do some spray painting and i took the opportunity to spray the back of my phone too! ^^
I would have a pic with it on my phone but i used my phone to take da pics. So i'm not gonna even try. nope not even in the mirror like i just thought of..
it's nothing amazing but i hope it'll be to your tastes! yummm!
However when i finished i didn't cover it with a transparent glue or varnish or what ever you'd use. Me probs just PVA. However if you got's something more fancy and better go for it. But anyway's i did not put any protection on this and it's pretty much coming off now so you should protect it after you've sprayed it. I'll mention that in the step too. Cause alot of the time i wouldn't read such a a scary long text up till this point either. however if your reading this now i congratulate you! :L so here we goo!

P.S i have blabbed on alot in this whole thing. i apologize! teehe!

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  • Step 1

    Take the cover of your phone off. You could also use a plain i-phone case/cover thing you see everywhere. Or if you phone don't come apart or you want you whole phone sprayed then mover to the next step. >>

  • How to decorate a painted case. Spray Paint Phone Cover - Step 2
    Step 2

    So take you masking tape and cover what you want protecting. I wanted the small fiddly signs and camera hole.so i suck over then cut it to the right size. A craft knife was easiest. But if your worried about scratching some thing then stick it mark it up with pen, pencil, ketchup whatever you want it's not like i'm telling you what to do here... oh right yeah i am...(yeah please DONT use ketchup.. it's icky and will make a bloody red mess) anyway moving on! >>

  • How to decorate a painted case. Spray Paint Phone Cover - Step 3
    Step 3

    Them in an open space with newspaper or a dust sheet down spray away! you can use any color ya wanna! and i sprayed like ombre(can't spell by you can see). but you can do whatever. you could do 2 colors that merge like me or just the whole thing. >>

  • How to decorate a painted case. Spray Paint Phone Cover - Step 4
    Step 4

    when you cheery with you sprayin' and you spray pint's pretty dry that touching it wont ruin it take of the masking tape. Now on mine some of the paint had gotten under the edges of the masking tape. That's where yo white spirit come in. Grab that cotton bud and dip it in the spirit then wipe away the bit you don't want! >>

  • How to decorate a painted case. Spray Paint Phone Cover - Step 5
    Step 5

    Then this it the time to add you varnish! i did say at the top! for those who know this good for ya'll!
    So it's already just glue away or transparent protective spray would probs work too. But i'm still childish and love my good old PVA. do this where you want it if your spraying i suggest leaving the masking tape on then white spiriting or putting the masking tape on. But if not you can brush it on and just miss out the parts that you don't want/need the glue on or what not. Unfortunately i didn't do this to mine and it's coming of now but unless you have a fancy hard wearing spray paint then protect you poor phone! >>

  • Step 6

    No admide you hand work and whip out yo phone. And when people ask be like 'oh this, yeah just a little of my own DIY fool!'
    it's nothing amasing but i hope ya liked it Enjoy <3<3

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Thanks Glad to hear =D
Anastasia S.
Anastasia S.
Oh, I have xperia u20i (x10 mini pro), too. Happy Nice idea, I'll try it! Happy

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