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spray paint lamp
this is a relitively simple project it will take about 1 hour and a half if it goes well you dont need the shade but i think it finishes it off it cost me about £10 for 2 lamps and shades

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  • Step 1

    First of all you need your spray can i like the ones in the paper lables as they work the best. it dosnt have to be a spray pant can spray mount cans work well to. make sure its empty and out of gas,then with a bunch of paper towels and a sharp point or a blade cut a little slice as close to the bottom as possable, this will probly squrt a little paint out so be carefull.

  • How to make a lamp / lampshade. Spray Can Lamp And Stencil Shade - Step 2
    Step 2

    if the can is printed on you might want to paint it silver and if its got a paper lable you might want to pell it off and then this bit is optianl i splated the can with some paint so it would look a bit grungy i did this by spraying a spray can upsidedown so it splutters and splated the can.

  • How to make a lamp / lampshade. Spray Can Lamp And Stencil Shade - Step 3
    Step 3

    next get your drill with a drill bitt thats for metale and drill a hole where you cut your slice make sure the hole is big anoth for your wire to fit

  • How to make a lamp / lampshade. Spray Can Lamp And Stencil Shade - Step 4
    Step 4

    next using your drill and cut a hole in the top within the top ring

  • Step 5

    put something in the can to weigh it down i used some old marbles but what ever you have thats hevy should be good

  • Step 6

    you need to thred the wire though the hole at the bottom up, its easy if you have small fingers to pull it out the top hole,

  • Step 7

    next is the wireing this is a bit tricky if youve not done any before. if you have gromits (a type of rubber washer spacer thing it goes it the hole where the wire goes in. its so it doesnt wear the wire and short out or zap you i wouldnt be to woryed if your not moving it about) and wire the lamp fitting if you buying one i purfure the brass antique looking ones and it should have instructions with it if your using an old one either copy how the old wires are or google it. then wire the plug

  • Step 8

    super glue the lamp fitting to the can and your done if you dont want a shade i think it looks good like this anyway

  • Step 9

    this bit is for the shade i bought some cheap shades from a diy shop in the end of line section i got 3 for £9 so i dont think thats to bad, but you could always make your own, i think its best if its a light colour shade. next make your stencil i made my own but you could aways blag a banksy off the web and spray it onto the shade its best if you spray the back of the stencil with spray mount so it doesn't blur and your done. if you dont want to spray paint it you could cut out the stencil shpe directly out of the shade and stick some tracing paper on the inside it should look cool

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audrey h.
audrey h. · Huntington, West Virginia, US

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