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Spikes on your ears!!
I ordered a big baggie of spike pendant & I found that one was broken, it didn't have a jump hole - so I decided to turn it into a big obnoxious spike earring :D
Then I made another one out of a smaller spike pendant

I'm not really a matching earrings kind of girl so these work out pretty well for me :D

Posted by Mousey from Parañaque, Metro Manila, Philippines • Published See Mousey's 80 projects »
  • How to make a set of paper earrings. Spike Earring - Step 1
    Step 1

    I glued some hot glue to the curved earring backs and I like to let it dry, then pull it off of each other & add some dabs of super glue.

    I do it that way because the hot glue doesn't hold it as well, but it molds the two shapes together just right & when I add the super glue it always holds much better.

    I used the cork of this little bottle I use to hold pearl pendants to keep the earring base upright while it dried.

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Mousey · Parañaque, Metro Manila, PH · 85 projects
Not really Happy I wear it often. The little one is probably easy since it's so small but I really favor the long one :3
bklNjcxcjkxczhb · Nijmegen, Gelderland, NL
That looks pretty cool. But isn't it uncomfortable to wear? (Because the spike seems quite huge...)

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