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Extra special valentines cards because you make these yourself.
One of my favourite hobby's is to design & create my own cards for my friends & family and what with St Valentines day fastly approaching i wanted to make a few cards for the occasion but have no sweet-heart to send them to so what better way than making a lens of cards for you to
make and send!

You needn't be an artist or an expert designer or cardmaker to create unique, professional looking cards. But only you know exactly what you would like the card which you send to say...and let's be honest here, you can scour every single card shop in the land looking for the exact term of phrase you are looking for and you know as well as i do that "you aint gonna find it nowhere..no-way"..so be the same as everyone else and buy a shop-bought card which is sweet and mushy but impresses no-one..especially the only one you want to impress or be guaranteed to impress everyone ..especially the one that you want to impress!..sounds pretty obvious to me..make the valentines card yourself, it really is that simple.

Posted by Alfiesgirl from London, United Kingdom • Published

  • How to make a pop up card. Special Valentines Card - Step 1
    Step 1

    How to make this "Let's Tie The Knot" card.
    Lots of golden bows and knots on this card which can be hung or stood-up..not at the altar though hopefully!

    To make this card i used five A4 sheets of handmade cream coloured parchment paper to give it that "wedding and marriage" look, gold elastic cord for the bows and knots,32 inches of cream, gold and brown 1cm wide satin ribbon, a craft knife with a paper folder attatched, Pritt Power stick glue and a cork-backed ruler and cutting board.

    I began by cutting the parchment paper into five squares which measured 14cm and two smaller squares which measured 7.5cm using a sharp craft knife and cork backed ruler to prevent the parchment from slipping whilst being measured and cut.

  • How to make a pop up card. Special Valentines Card - Step 2
    Step 2

    It is vital that you get this part right first time!

    Take one of the five parchment squares and fold it from top to bottom. Use a paper folder to crease along the fold and not your fingers.

    Open the paper back out. Now fold from left to right, use the folder to crease along the fold and then open back out again. You should have four squares creased into the paper now.
    The trick is in getting a sharp crease!
    The trick and my top-tip for making this card look professional is in the creases. I always use a paper-folder to get the crease as "sharp" as possible..never crease using your fingers.

  • How to make a pop up card. Special Valentines Card - Step 3
    Step 3

    Next step..again it is vital that you follow these steps exactly.

    Turn the paper over and fold from corner to corner. Use the paper folder to crease along the fold. Open the paper back out.

  • How to make a pop up card. Special Valentines Card - Step 4
    Step 4

    Now for the fun bit.

    Turn your parchment paper square back over again and gently push the two sides inwards (They will automatically fold in this way if your folds are crisp and sharp).

  • How to make a pop up card. Special Valentines Card - Step 5
    Step 5

    Think you can remember all of that?

    Repeat all of the previous steps for each of the remaining four squares to create five folded squares in total.

  • How to make a pop up card. Special Valentines Card - Step 6
    Step 6

    Attatching the satin ribbon and two remaining smaller squares together.

    Lay the two small squares (the covers) corner to corner approximately 1cm apart. Find the middle of the ribbon by folding it in half. Apply glue down the middle of each square, corner to corner, and with the ribbon mid point in the space between the covers, press the ribbon firmly over the glue and set aside to dry.

  • How to make a pop up card. Special Valentines Card - Step 7
    Step 7

    Putting it all together.

    Apply glue to the top of one of your folded squares, spreading from the middle to the outer edges. To protect the rest of the folded paper from any excess glue, slip a piece of scrap paper underneath the top layer.

    With the point of your glued piece facing inwards towards the gap, press it centrally onto one of the outer covers firmly to attatch it. Adjust it before the glue dries, if necessary.

  • How to make a pop up card. Special Valentines Card - Step 8
    Step 8

    You should now begin to see your card taking shape.

    Build up a stack of folded squares by repeating the gluing process shown in the previous step. Press down firmly after attatching each folded square and check that excess glue has not resulted in any folds sticking together

  • How to make a pop up card. Special Valentines Card - Step 9
    Step 9

    Adding the final smaller square cover.

    Now secure the other square cover to the stack in the same way as before. You may find it easiest to hold the card while doing this bit.

  • How to make a pop up card. Special Valentines Card - Step 10
    Step 10

    Now make the gold elastic bows and knots and decorate the card.

    I always use a bow-maker to create my bows but it isn't essential it just saves a lot of time and fiddling about.

    Make ten bows for the top (or front) of the card and ten bows for the bottom (or back) of the card before attatching them using glue.

    Leave for an hour to dry before attempting to open-up the card.

    Once dry, then comes the best part of making this card...The Grand Opening...and voila your masterpiece is all set and ready to be written in and admired by you for a few minutes either hung up as a decorative card by the ribbons or set as a table-piece by tying the ribbons in a bow to fasten.

    This card should be given with the ribbons untied and all folded up to your sweetheart..no need for an envelope as everything should be neatly tucked away inside. Add a note attatched to the ribbons asking them if they will do you the honour of tying the knot with you..then you should both proceed and tie the ribbons together to make it binding...aawww i love that bit ..Good Luck xxx

  • How to make a pop up card. Special Valentines Card - Step 11
    Step 11

    You have now created your masterpiece..now go and ask them if they will tie the knot..or knot.

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