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Sole Mates

Extract from Knitted Socks • By Chrissie Day • Published by GMC Publications


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Knitted Socks
Fabulous for wearing around the house, these look just like shoes 
and socks! If you do not fancy the bow, instructions are given for an alternative frilled trim.

• Ankle circumference 8in (20.5cm)
• Toe to heel 9in (23cm)

• 24 sts and 28 rows to 4in (10cm) over stocking stitch using 3.25mm needles
• Use larger or smaller needles to achieve correct tension

Materials and Equipment
• Araucania Ranco 75% wool, 25% nylon (376yd per 100g skein)
• 1 x 100g skein 483 (M)
• 1 x 100g skein multi 502 (C)
• Set of 3.25mm (UK10:US3) double-pointed needles

Special techniques
• Wrapped stitches (see below)
• The sock is worked from the toe up

Posted by GMC Group Published See GMC Group's 304 projects » © 2021 Chrissie Day / GMC Publications · Reproduced with permission. · Knitted Socks by Chrissie Day, published by GMC (£5.99, available from
  • How to make a sock. Sole Mates - Step 1
    Step 1

    Cast on 8 sts and work 6 rows st st to form a rectangle.
    Turn so that WS of work is facing.
    Round 1: Using N1, k8 along working edge of rectangle; using N2 pick up and k6 from next side; using N3 pick up and k8 from next side; using N4 pick up and k6 from final edge. Work in g-st thus:
    Round 2: K8, m1 on N1; k6, m1 on N2; k8, m1 on N3; k6, m1 on N4 (32 sts).
    Round 3: K9, m1 on N1; k7 on N2; k9, m1 on N3; k7 on N4 (34 sts).
    Round 4: K10, m1 on N1; k7, m1 on N2; k10, m1 on N3; k7, m1 on N4 (38 sts).
    Round 5: K11, m1 on N1; k8 on N2; k11, m1 on N3; k8 on N4 (40 sts).
    Round 6: K12, m1 on N1; k8, m1 on N2; k12, m1 on N3; k8, m1 on N4 (44 sts).
    Round 7: K13, m1 on N1; k9, m1 on N2; k13, m1 on N3; k9, m1 on N4 (48 sts).
    Round 8: K14, m1 on N1; k10 on N2; k14, m1 on N3; k10 on N4 (50 sts).
    Round 9: K15, m1 on N1; k10 on N2; k15, m1 on N3; k10 on N4 (52 sts).
    Round 10: K16, m1 on N1; k10, m1 on N2; k16, m1 on N3; k10, m1 on N4 (56 sts).
    Round 11: K17, m1 on N1 ; k11, m1 on N2; k17, m1 on N3; k11, m1 on N4 (60 sts).
    Round 12: K18 on N1; k12 on N2; k18 on N3; k12 on N4 (60 sts).

  • Step 2

    Next round: On N1 g-st in M; on N2 g-st in M; on N3 st st in C; on N4 g-st in M.
    Cont in this way for 50 rows (or to length required).

  • Step 3

    With RS facing and using C, begin short row shaping using sts on N1, N2 and N4 (42 sts)
    Row 1: K19, wrap 1, turn.
    Row 2: P19 wrap 1, turn.
    Rep rows 1 and 2 until 14 sts remain.
    Next row: K14, pick up and k wrapped st, replace on L needle, turn.
    Next row: P14, pick up and p wrapped st, replace on L needle, turn.
    Next row: K15, pick up and k wrapped st, replace on L needle, turn.
    Next row: P15, pick up and p wrapped st, replace on L needle, turn.
    Rep these rows until all stitches are back on the needles.
    Divide sts between three needles and resume working in the round.
    Work 38 rounds (or length required).
    Work 8 further rounds for a sock with a bow OR work alternative frilled top (see right).
    Cast on 18 sts and k 14 rows.
    Cast off.

  • Step 4

    Alternative frilled top
    (no bow)
    Next round: K all 60 sts
    Next round: *K1, m1, rep from * to end. (120 sts).
    Work 3 rounds st st.
    Next round: *K1 m1, rep from* to end. (240 sts).
    Work 2 rounds st st.
    Cast off.

  • Step 5

    Making up
    Fold bow piece ends to middle.
    Place seam downwards and attach to front of sock to form a bow.
    Darn in ends.

  • Step 6

    Wrapping stitches
    A wrap stitch is used to eliminate the risk of holes when using the short row shaping method. Work to where the wrap is required; then to work it, slip the next stitch on to the right needle, bring the yarn to the front of work between the needles, and slip the same stitch back on to the left needle. On subsequent rows, work the loop and the wrapped stitch as k2tog and turn. Continue from pattern.



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