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Recycle a composition book into a fun, snow globe themed journal!
Who doesn't love a snow globe? Take a plain journal and transform it into a snow globe themed journal. Your friends will not be able to keep their hands off your it. They'll want to shake it up and down.

Posted by Doris B. from Huntington, West Virginia, United States • Published See Doris B.'s 16 projects »
  • How to decorate an altered journal. Snow Globe Journal - Step 1
    Step 1

    Most of the supplies you'll need can probably be found around the house. Recycle an old composition book if you have one.

  • How to decorate an altered journal. Snow Globe Journal - Step 2
    Step 2

    Trace a cirle onto white paper, and cut it out. Draw your image onto the paper and color it in with the markers. Bright colors look great.

  • How to decorate an altered journal. Snow Globe Journal - Step 3
    Step 3

    Measure, and cut two sheets of patterned paper to fit the front and back of the composition book. Trace your circle image onto the back of the paper for the front cover. Cut a window out, slightly smaller than the circular drawing you made previously. Trace the colored image onto a transparency sheet and cut it out. The transparency should be the same size as the colored image.

  • Step 4

    For the cover of the journal, layer the following, patterned paper with window face down. Next, the transparent circle, then the colored drawing. Tape the transparent circle and drawing onto the back of the paterrned paper,leaving the top of the window open and free of tape. Pour some glitter into an envelope, snip off the bottom corner and carefully sprinkle some glitter between the colored drawing and the transparent window. Tape the window closed securely and use the glue stick to attach the front and back cover sheets onto the composition book/journal. Cut out a shape from dark construction paper for the base of the snow globe. Overlap it slightly and glue it onto the outside front of the jornal, matching it up with the bottom of the globe. Go ahead and give your new journal a shake!



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