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Eezy peezy, lemon squeezy link bracelet
I made this on Saturday night using left over jump rings. When I finished it, I'm not sure exactly why, but I didn't like it too much. Perhaps the overall shape is too square, I don't know. Anyway, I've worn it these past two days, and I have to say it's grown on me..... so, I thought I'd share.

Because I used the remaining jump rings from other projects, I had different colours as well as different sizes at my disposal. My original idea was to make a cuff two or three rows deep and add dangly bits, but then I changed my mind. I left it at just a single row and attached a second row only in sections so as to form hanging loops. The dangly attachments are rose quartz on copper headpins (wire-wrapping is not my forte as you can probably tell).

I put a time of an hour-an-a-half, which is what I reckon it would take to make it up, but it could be a lot less if you are using ready-made chain. It took me way, way longer though as I kept changing the design, made bracelet up and altered it while watching my favourite movies of the moment - Terminator Salvation (so I never grew up!), Centurion and Switchback.

The links to form the chains are very simple, no pattern involved... just connect one ring into the next.

The main chain string is made up of 4 lengths of 6mm antique silver coloured rings each length comprising of 11 rings. These are connected together with a larger 8mm black ring to form a single length of chain. The links to form the loops are comprised of 4 lengths of 13-15 rings, the ends of which are attached to the first and last rings of each 11 ring section of the main chain string. A rose quartz dangly is attached to the black ring separators of the main chain string, and also to the middle ring of the hanging loops. All the rose quartz danglies are attached with 6mm antique gold coloured ring.

Depending on how loose or tight you like it, you may or may not need a clasp.

There you go, easy peasy...... :)

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