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My costume remake.
As you can see, I wasn’t happy with my first Silent Hill Nurse costume. I thought about how I could make a better and more believable costume and this was the end result. I am extremely happy with the way the costume turned out this time. I had the hardest time thinking about the mask and how to make it more realistic, but finally the idea came to me. I made a plaster of paris mold of my face to use as a template so that the mask would be a tight fit. I then used molding clay to sculpt out the idea. I laid down a thin layer of clay and then I added the bumps and small designs to the base. I made cuts into the clay around the eye to give it a peeled back flesh look. Once the clay had dried, I sprayed a clear coat on top. Once that had dried I then layered, a lot I might add, liquid latex on to the mold. Once I was happy with the thickness of the latex I then peeled it off. I then painted the latex with a skin type colored acrylic paint and a charcoal color that was mixed with some left over latex so that it wouldn’t crack when the latex mask was moving around. I did remake the dress as well. I used my original shoes from the last costume. I know that the mask isn’t painted as well as I would’ve liked, but after analyzing the masks from the first and second movie, I noticed that they weren’t as detailed either, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t always work on it. I hope you all enjoy the photos. :)

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