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I try my hand at Kumo Shibori!
These overalls are based on some by Muku :
(The pictures of them are about half way down, with two little boys.)

I wanted something comfy for summer so I decided this would be a comfortable easy piece to make. The drafting was all by measuring what seemed to be a good distance, save the waist in the front. I drafted the front, and then drafted the leg part again, but drew lines straight up for the outseam of the legs to make the gathers.

I used broadcloth, you could use linen, wool, whatever.
My button is actually just a friend's earring she left at my house and didnt want o.o

Ill give a tutorial of the Shibori below :D
Pardon the fact that the pictures dont help much.

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  • How to make an overall. Shibori Jumpsuit/Overalls - Step 1
    Step 1

    Gather objects! I used mostly rocks from the end of my driveway, but also some shells my dad found in the cupboard o.o
    Gather rubber bands! You're gonna need as many rubber bands as you will objects, if you hadn't guessed :D

    For mine, most of my rocks/shells were 1/2" to 1"

  • How to make an overall. Shibori Jumpsuit/Overalls - Step 2
    Step 2

    The actual technique part:
    put your object on the inside of the piece. Hold it in place and pull fabric around it. Gather it tight and secure a rubber band around the gathered fabric, secluding the object from the rest of the piece.

  • How to make an overall. Shibori Jumpsuit/Overalls - Step 3
    Step 3

    Make sure none of it is peeking out of the inside of the piece! I left my objects somewhat far apart cause I didn't have the patience or enough rubber bands to put em all super tight together.

  • How to make an overall. Shibori Jumpsuit/Overalls - Step 4
    Step 4

    All done! Looks like tiny lumpy overalls xD

    If you have no more energy, keep it as an avant-garde piece of modern art temporarily while you regain patience for the dyeing xD

  • How to make an overall. Shibori Jumpsuit/Overalls - Step 5
    Step 5

    To dye, you can either just follow closely the tiny instructions on the bottle or box of dye, or you could:

    Fill a tub or bowl with hot tap water. Pour dye until you like the look of the water. SHAKE THE BOTTLE! The purple you see in all my pictures was supposed to be navy, to stick with the traditional-looking indigo Shibori T^T Then drop your piece in the water. Stir the water (and flip the piece or pour some of the dye water over it if it isn't fully submerged like mine was) for 15-30 minutes. Or however long you want. Then to get the most out of your dye, you can let the piece sit for however long you want, I let mine sit for 2 hours while I got dinner with some bros.

  • How to make an overall. Shibori Jumpsuit/Overalls - Step 6
    Step 6

    When you wanna move on, dump the dye-water out of the tub or bowl. You can also lift your piece over the sink or wherever all this water of yours is going, and let it drip for a bit, till you return it to the tub/bowl to spray or run water over til the water runs about clear. Then take all of the rubber bands off, and shake all the objects out of the piece, and wash the piece for not-too-long (I used our machine's knit/delicate cycle cause it's short.) Then let it dry, and perhaps iron out all the wrinkles from the gathered rings, if they bother you. Voila, fancy Shibori :D

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