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She sells seashells by the sea shore!
Be careful with the hot glue gun; it hurts when you burn your fingers...OUCH! :(

Posted by Kepi from Los Angeles, California, United States • Published See Kepi's 48 projects »

  • Step 1

    Sort out your seashells in like piles.
    Lay craft wreath flat; and before glueing, decide where you want to place your first 4 like shells.
    (Tip: You should place bigger shells first; beginning on the sides, top and bottom.)
    Using a hot glue gun; glue them on in the desired position and hold until they are securely in place (be careful not to burn fingers).

  • Step 2

    Take 4 more larger different shells and place and glue them between the other shells and near the top, the same distance as the others are on the bottom.

  • Step 3

    Tie the sheer ribbon around the top, then tie a small loop at the back for hanging; then tie a bow in the front touching the wreath and not directly over the shells. (You may have to figure this out a bit, because I'm not exactly sure how I did it.)
    You will be glueing shells around the bow and on top of the other ribbon, so make sure that it hangs okay, before continuing on.

  • Step 4

    Start filling in with other smaller shells, making sure to cover wreath completely; you can overlap shells a little if you need to. (Tip: the trick is to match the same shells around the wreath at equal distances apart, so that they match on each side.)
    I put a couple of the larger shells on the bottom inside part of the wreath, but turned them around.
    Make sure to put shells on the sides and inside wreath as well, covering the entire wreath so that you don't see it anymore.

  • How to make a wreath. Shell Wreath - Step 5
    Step 5

    Place starfish in the middle, glueing the tips of it on top of the shells.
    Clear away any excess glue 'hair'.

    Leave flat until glue is completely dry and hardened. DONE!

    Keep it as a beautiful wall decoration or 'Give it Away Now'!

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Hanna No H
Hanna No H · Oakdale, Minnesota, US · 40 projects
Now I have something to do with all of my shells! Thanks!
mangolicious · New Delhi, Delhi, IN · 4 projects
amazing!!! <3 <3

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