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i found a recipe for salt dough online and decided to make some stuff. i made a star, a pacman monster, a moustache, and a heart. anyway i hope you enjoy making these as i did

*sorry i didnt take pictures while doing this :(

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  • Step 1

    mix the flour, salt, and water. add more water if you think it's too crumbly, add more flour if you think it's too sticky. you want the dough to be elastic.

  • Step 2

    knead the dough on a flour dusted table and start cutting out shapes. you can use cookie cutters, knives, etc. you do not want to cut out shapes that are too thick because they might have cracks on them when you bake them.

    if you're going to make necklaces/bracelets, you wanna poke a hole in them first before baking them because it will be really hard to do so if you've baked them already

  • Step 3

    once you have your shapes done, let them dry a bit. when they're ready, pop them in the oven for 10 minutes at 200 degrees F. in my case, i baked them in the toaster for about 15-20 minutes because our oven was broken. mine turned a bit brown, but i don't think it would if you baked it in the oven. but ohwell.

  • Step 4

    after baking, you might notice it's still a bit soft so what i did is i left it there inside for a couple more minutes. when it's all hard and ready, take it out and let it cool.

  • Step 5

    now your *whatever you call them* are done!! you can paint them whatever color you want and stuff. if you wish to make it look shiny and prolong its life (because i think ants will eat it cos it's flour lol), you can apply a coat of varnish :)

    hope you enjoy making these:D

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