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The perfect pillows for your romantigoth or gothic lolita!
When I got my new bed, I wanted to add a gothic romantic touch to it, since my room is pretty much that motif. My mom had some frilly, B&B type shames in her room (all pink and stuff), and I wanted the same shams for my room (only not as pink). Unfortunately, the best I could find were some flat, boring black pillow shams. I tried ruffling them myself, but it didn't work out. >:( So I went with plan B: make them lacy. =]

I could make a how-to, but it's pretty straight foward: just get six or more yards of the lace trim of your choosing, pin it, then stitch it! Just make sure you get enough trim: I made the mistake of getting only 3 yards, so I could only do two borders per sham (or, only enough to complete all four borders of one sham, but I didn't want to leave the other naked). =/

Of course, don't stop with just one basic border: go nuts! Make multiple layers of lace, add some ribbon - whatever! =D

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