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...Skulls and Flannel for All!
I made this for Jeremiah. He lives in North Michigan where there are a lot of pine trees and lumberjacks. Also, he listens to metal music, so I found this fun/funny skull print.

Posted by Risa.Hanae (JapZilla) from Mt Pleasant, South Carolina, United States • Published See Risa.Hanae (JapZilla)'s 162 projects »

  • Step 1

    Take your two pieces of fleece and put them right sides together. Or wrong sides outward.

  • Step 2

    Pin one side and sew it together.

  • Step 3

    Do this for two more sides.

  • Step 4

    On the last (forth) side, sew as you did the others but leave a 4 or 5 inch opening at the end.

  • Step 5

    Pull the blanket right ways out through the opening. Like you are making a GIGANTIC pillow.

  • Step 6

    Poke your finger through the hole and push the corners out so they aren't squished inside.

  • Step 7

    Sew up the opening.

  • Step 8

    Now, you can stop here or add some quilt stitching (diagonals and boxes). Now
    Stay Warm! =^_^=

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