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Adults and children alike will be unable to resist the charm of this soft toy.

Adults and children alike will be unable to resist the charm of this soft toy—you just want to pick it up and squeeze it! The embroidered decoration is a simple back stitch. You can change the size of the toy by enlarging or reducing the size of the templates, but do not make it too small as the antlers will be difficult to turn out.

<b>Taken from Scandinavian Needlecraft by Clare Youngs, photography by Carolyn Barber and illustration by Kate Simunek, published by <a href="http://www.cicobooks.com">CICO Books</a>. Text copyright Clare Youngs. Images copyright CICO Books.</b>


Extract from

Scandinavian Needlecraft: 35 Step-by-step Projects to Create the Scandinavian Home by Clare Youngs

Published by Ryland Peters & Small

Expert crafter and lover of Scandinavian design Clare Youngs presents a stunning collection of home wares, gifts, accessories, bags, clothes and more to stitch. Fans of the clean, elegant lines of traditional Scandinavian style are sure to be inspired by the 35 sewing projects in this book. Incorporating the finest elements of Scandinavian crafting traditions, inspiration is taken from a range of backgrounds including classic folk art and local needlework, as well as more contemporary sources. These delightful designs, each with clear step-by-step instructions and beautiful photography, will have you itching to get stitching. Working with a wide variety of fabrics, there are adorable fleece and felt baby booties finished with French knots to make, or use classic gingham or stripes to put together an apron, coat hanger cover and laundry bag. Also included in this title are ideas for projects using recycled materials, plus ways to use up the scraps in your sewing box. A range of techniques are explored as well, including applique for a cushion cover, cross-stitched bed linen, patchwork for a quilt, embroidery on Christmas decorations and more. Simplicity is always at the heart of Clare's designs, and the clear instructions and step-by-step artworks mean anyone can have a go, and will be surprised how quickly beautiful pieces can be made. There's also a how-to section that explains any stitch, knot and join you might need.

© 2016 Clare Youngs / Ryland Peters & Small · Reproduced with permission.


  • Step 1

    Enlarge the reindeer templates by 200 percent, transfer onto the boiled wool fabric, and cut out.

  • Step 2

    Using dressmaker’s carbon paper, transfer the embroidery pattern onto the white felt semicircles. Embroider the motif in back stitch and French knots, alternating between pink and orange as shown in the photo, below, and using three strands of floss (cotton). For the reindeer’s eyes, work three orange French knots close together, using all six strands of floss (cotton).

  • Step 3

    With right sides together, pin one felt semicircle to each body piece, easing the fabric around the curve. Baste (tack) and machine stitch.

  • How to make a deer plushie. Reindeer - Step 4
    Step 4

    With right sides together, pin and machine stitch one hoof section to the bottom of each inner leg piece.

  • How to make a deer plushie. Reindeer - Step 5
    Step 5

    With right sides together, pin and machine stitch one hoof section to the bottom of each leg on the two body pieces.

  • How to make a deer plushie. Reindeer - Step 6
    Step 6

    With right sides together, pin and machine stitch the inner legs to the two body pieces along the side and bottom edges.

  • How to make a deer plushie. Reindeer - Step 7
    Step 7

    With right sides together, pin the underbelly to the two body pieces, taking care at each end to finish the stitching in a point. Baste (tack) and machine stitch, leaving a gap in the seam at the top of one of the front legs to turn the reindeer right side out.

  • How to make a deer plushie. Reindeer - Step 8
    Step 8

    Starting where the inner legs join the body, pin and machine stitch the front and back together. Match up the line of stitching and carry on around, taking particular care on the curves of the antlers.

  • Step 9

    Starting with the antlers, turn the reindeer right side out. Use the handle of a long, thin paintbrush to help ease the tips of the antlers out. Stuff the toy, using the paintbrush handle to get the stuffing right up to the ends of the antlers and taking care to keep the stuffing firm at the top of the legs.

  • Step 10

    Turn under the raw edges at the gap in the front leg seam and slipstitch the gap closed.

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kristyangel · 1 project
very nice
Lydia H.
Lydia H. · 20 projects
These are really awesome! Can't wait to make a few for Christmas!
Pink Custard
Pink Custard · 1 project
this is so good Happy im so making this with my mum at christmas time Tongue x

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