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scrumptious red tomato sauce with mince meat
these pictures aren't mine. time is a rough guess.
the sauce in the picture is not my sauce. mine looks better.
my camera won't work...so i added pictures from the internet. someday, i will add a sauce photo, promise.
the ingredients....i used a 770 gram pot of sauce, 2 smallish onions, garlic to taste (start with 1 part, you know, those smaller bits in the clove) , about 500 grams of minced meat, one tomato, and enough olive oil for cooking (...) the onions and garlic in. i used mincemeat that's half pork, half beef, because it's less fatty than only pork minced meat, and less dry than beef minced meat. and you don't need extra oil to bake it in, the fats coming from the meat, when you're baking it, are excellent to bake it in. and basil leaves are optiona, and to taste. to adjust the sauce's flavor, you need the stuff described in step 4. the herbes de provence are optional, and to taste.
i'm cooking for myself now, even though i live at home. i like cooking, and this is a perfect opportunity to get better at it. this is one of the first things i made.

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  • How to cook a Ragù pasta dish. Red Pasta Sauce - Step 1
    Step 1

    heat up olive oil (or other baking-in stuff) in a large pan. make it large-mine was too small, and i had to transfer everything to another pan half way. cut onions roughly. bake them until they become a bit see-trough. chop fine and add garlic. bake until you think it's right. (sorry...can't find the right english words right now!)

  • How to cook a Ragù pasta dish. Red Pasta Sauce - Step 2
    Step 2

    add minced meat. bake until the meat is cooked trough.
    the picture has nothing to do with the recipe, except there's minced meat in it.

  • How to cook a Ragù pasta dish. Red Pasta Sauce - Step 3
    Step 3

    add tomato sauce. cook for a little while, and cut up and add some tomatoes. or one tomato, if it's a large one.

  • How to cook a Ragù pasta dish. Red Pasta Sauce - Step 4
    Step 4

    if the sauce is too sour, add some sugar. if it's too sweet, add somehing sour (lemon juice?)
    and so on. just make it just the way you want your sauce.
    my sauce was to sweet, so i added some lemon juice. and there weren't any herbs in my sauce, so i added herbes de provence, and some extra rosemary and thyme. because i like those. let it cook for a little while again, then taste it again, and add things if necessary.
    if it's to salty, try boiling a peeled potato in it, i think that sucks up the salt or something and makes it less salty.
    mine was to salty, so i added a small potato to it. that's mr. potato over there, next to the text box.

  • How to cook a Ragù pasta dish. Red Pasta Sauce - Step 5
    Step 5

    add a few fresh basil leaves, if you have them, just before serving. this keeps the tastes of the leaves the best.
    and then...eat! bon appetit!
    tip: eat on shell-shaped of pipe-shaped pasta. butterfly shape pasta is okay, too. don't eat on things like spaghetti or tagliatelle, it's better on pasta that's not like string or ribbon. pasta like string or ribbon shapes, i prefer then with a thinner sauce, or oil or something. the thick, filled sauce keeps falling off it.
    and eat with cheese, on pipe rigata (pipe shaped pasta) or such pastas.

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