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a cute anklet/braclet made from the inside of security envelopes
i have been experimenting with security envelopes because of their great patterns, and best of all its all recycled.
Stay tuned for my other security envelope tutorials

for this anklet i made all of the beads from the envelope, added a few other beads some string
and hay presto!

This only took me 10 minutes max, and i didn't have to buy anything, this project would be a great gift, ect. PLEASE COMMENT and tell me if you like it ect and don't forget to ADD TO YOUR FAVES if you do

i guarantee that anybody could make this if i can at my age so have a go.
enjoy love miss cookie

Posted by miss cookie from Roma, Queensland, Australia • Published See miss cookie's 15 projects »
  • How to make an anklet. Recycled Envelope Anklet  - Step 1
    Step 1


    Gather your supplies
    *Glue( Craft glue works better than a glue stick but work with what you have)
    *a tooth pick (rubbed with vaseline, or paw paw ect)this step is very important because it prevents the beads from getting stuck to the toothpick.
    * security envelope pattern paper (or if your not recycling your prefered paper)

  • How to make an anklet. Recycled Envelope Anklet  - Step 2
    Step 2

    cut your paper into a triangle strip like shown theen cut of the pointy tip

    turn over and cover in glue

  • How to make an anklet. Recycled Envelope Anklet  - Step 3
    Step 3

    this is the tricky bit starting with the wide end wrap the paper around the toothpick (make sure its got the vaseline on it)

    This is hard it took me a few trys to get the hang of it.
    because of the vaseline it won't want to wrap around, but once you get it around a few times it should be fine.

  • How to make an anklet. Recycled Envelope Anklet  - Step 4
    Step 4

    congratulations you have made a bead, the hard part is over

    now while its still freshly made if the bead is a bit out of shape just fix it now

    once the bead is semi dry, carefully take it off the stick
    and set it aside to dry

  • How to make an anklet. Recycled Envelope Anklet  - Step 5
    Step 5

    now all thats left to do is to use the beads as you would normal ones,

    i threaded the paper beads and seed beads onto a pice of elastic cord then i used wool for the rest of it.

  • How to make an anklet. Recycled Envelope Anklet  - Step 6
    Step 6

    and there you have it a bill turned into a stunning piece of handmade jewlery

    I hope you enjoy this as much as i do enjoy
    love miss cookie xxx

    and PLEASE POST COMMENTS tell me whether you like it or not ect.
    thankyou merry christmas

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AD Graphics Hub
AD Graphics Hub · Vadodara, Gujarat, IN
Nice and creative post. For information about embroidery digitizing, contact us!
Packing Supply
Packing Supply
Great work. Thanks for sharing! I will make it.
deletetnosaccount · Chicago, Illinois, US · 8 projects
thats really creative
Risa.Hanae (JapZilla)
Risa.Hanae (JapZilla) · Mt Pleasant, South Carolina, US · 180 projects
This is a very cool project. I like it a lot.
Amy S.
Amy S. · 3 projects
This is great! I'll be posting a version in a few days Happy
Gabbo · 1 project
gorgeous! and so easy and cheap! i'll be making this sarvo Happy

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