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I made this for my sister :) Also a good way to use up those fabric scraps :)
I saw this on a website once, but it was all in Spanish, so I looked at the main picture and figured it out :)

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  • Step 1

    OK so I made my stencils first. I traced silhouettes of different animals right off my computer, but if you are good at hand drawing you can do that. You want it pretty small, depending on your bookmark. My bookmark was small so I had a really small image. I picked a basic fish, so it was simple enough for my slow mind ;) It was about a square inch by my guess.
    Oh I used printer paper for this.

  • Step 2

    So then I made my bookmark. You need two pieces of thick paper. I used a paper bag since I wanted neutrals. Draw on the shape you want your bookmark. I rounded my edges. Cut it out, and then cut out another one of the same size with the tracing method ;) So now you have two.

  • Step 3

    Now cut out your animal or other stencil. Trace the shape onto the paper, just on one side. Then carefully bend your paper in the middle of the stencil, don't fold it. Cut a spot or a simple slice into your drawing's middle with the tiny scissors. I used tiny scissors because it was easier to maneuver around little edges. So now from the middle out cut your shape out so it has an empty stencil space :)

  • Step 4

    Now on the thick paper you didn't put the stencil on, Glue on a fabric scrap slightly larger then your stencil. Glue it on well, mine did not want to stick. And make sure it is even and flat if you can. OH and glue it where your stencil would be if you matched the pieces up. I am such a dodo head not to mention that!

  • Step 5

    Now when that is dry, Match up the bookmark pieces and glue the stenciled piece onto the fabric piece. Wait for that to dry and you have one cute and easy bookmark :)

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Hermione Granger
Hermione Granger · Mayo Abbey, Mayo, IE
omg so simple but yet sooo effective!!! Happy

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