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Easy rainbow candles in jars

Posted by anita.n.g from Rowley Regis, England, United Kingdom • Published See anita.n.g's 7 projects »
  • Step 1

    Fill a large saucepan with boiling water, then place an empty smaller saucepan (that you won't want to use again for cooking) into the water.

  • Step 2

    Pour some soya wax into the empty smaller pan and allow it to melt in the heat.

    {very large bags of soya wax can be bought relatively cheaply eg. £6 for 15 large jar candles worth of wax from ebay.}

  • Step 3

    Add small amounts of wax dye to the heated soya wax.

    I have small blocks of highly pigmented wax in blue, yellow and red from hobby-craft, using small chips of these three primary colours it is possible to mix any colour/shade you want.

    You can then add afew drops of any fragrance oil into the wax to scent the candle.

  • Step 4

    Whilst your wax chips are melting, clean out and dry the glass jars you are going to use.

    Thread some candle wick, through your candle holders. Ensure it is tall enough for the jar then cut off the excess roughly half an inch from the top of the jar. Dip the wick briefly in wax to give it a light coating.

    Fix the bottom of the holder (with a small amount of the wick through it), to the bottom of the jar with a small amount of hot wax.

    Straighten the wick upright so it is through the center of the jar, then secure it in place with an old clothes peg that can be placed across the top of the jar.

    {Candle wick can be purchased in a large pack for around 99p and candle holders are re-usable. I use ones from a cheap multi-pack of old tea-light.)

  • How to make a candle. Rainbow Jar Candles! - Step 5
    Step 5

    Start carefully pouring the hot wax into the jar around the wick.

  • Step 6

    Continue mixing and pouring layers of wax into the jars in your desired colours/scent combinations. Ensure each layer has fully set before pouring in the next one! I pop mine on a cold windowsill or in the fridge to speed up this part.

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