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Dark Kingdom
I just need alllllllllllll the accessories!

Its cheap because I rarely buy new material, the difficultly is so so because of the tedious bodice and all those pieces of pattern. I don't really like patterns because of the time consumption but they are really useful overall. What an excuse who am I kidding I'm just lazy.
I used a basic bodice pattern, I didn't use boning because I didn't have any, I modified the bodice back just by cutting where the zipper would be and inserting grommets that were laced up with elastic thread. I'm not small nor medium and hardly large so ease of access and comfortablity is most on my agenda. It is not attached to the skirt, it has a pleated bottom (the bodice) but I ran out of fabric (of course I did) and I've still yet to complete it to be worn outside of this so as is there is a big gap in my back. Hm.
Anyway, the skirt was also from a pattern a gown pattern I picked up also second hand with a long train, again, I didnt have enough fabric so its just a long maxi skirt and what I did was pin and stitch some loose ends of fabric to drag behind. As a skirt its elegant, I've worn it with a corset very pleasing but man have you worn corsets? I haven't worn it since lol.

I want to know all about fashion design to be more clear and be a better designer. Perhaps one day I'll send myself to school.

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Brigitte J. Boissoneau
I'm cheapER lol I'll most likely make the accessories myself, mind as well keep with the DIY theme!
Shawntay A.
Shawntay A. · Yuba City, California, US · 15 projects
Nice! Currently working on Sailor Scout Cosplay myself. You might want to try Southern Moon Creations on etsy and see if she does Queen Beryl acessories. Her items are great and cheap!