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I wanted to make a bag, and so heres my first attempt
I was at work, serving customers, and remembered I had a copious amount of pvc left from my college project. I wanted to make a bag, and so I did. This is the simplest type and honestly i've never made one before but these are very logical. I used elastic for a handle that goes from front left to back right side, because i'm tired of bag handles not being long enough. I then tied this checkered cotton around which i had left from a dress I made, to stop the handle from stretching any more than i need it to.

  • Step 1

    I'm not adding photos because all projects at this point were made before I found this site.
    You need pvc, of whichever colour you like, and silky satin of whichever colour you prefer. You will need a contrasting coloured thread which you will use to pinstripe the wholeeeeeeee of the material.

  • Step 2

    Set your needle to the left of it's setting in the machine. Use this as a guideline for how wide the lines are. Be steady, do it for the whole of the material. Whichever measurement you chose to make the bag. e.g. 1 foot bag, needs 2 foot for folding over.
    Do an extra square for your pocket. Pinstripe it.

  • Step 3

    Cut the silky satin to the correct size so that pvc and silky satin are face to face, sew round the edge leaving a gap. Then turn inside out. Do this with the pocket first as it needs attaching before the lining for the whole bag is done. Then there will be no stitching inside. If you want inner pockets add those to the lining before you sew that on too.

  • Step 4

    Sew on the pocket.
    Folding the sides under before attaching.
    Line the bag. Fold the bag inside out and sew the edges together. Turn inside out and realise there are no handles.

  • Step 5

    I sewed the bow on first, which I had pre made a time before this. Then I got elastic, cut to length, and awkwardly sewed it to the front left and back right so it fits really nicely on my shoulder. The elastic needs de stretching in this case, so I wrapped cotton black and white pattern and sewed the ends to it so it doesnt stretch so far. voila

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CO + K User

oh its black shiny pvc off ebay.I sewed lines down it so it looks even nicer.Its got a nylon backing and is about 5 pound a meter
Truble4u2 · Princeton, New Jersey, US · 3 projects
what do you mean PVC? what kind?

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