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9 mins

Fun, crazy, creative nail art
I was bored, had seen somethings on here I wanted to do, so I made this to show you something fun and crazy while combining what i found (the time isnt right i had to fill tht in itll take as long as u need it to:/)

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  • Step 1

    file your nails if needed then put clear tape on your nails only showing the tips you will be painting

  • Step 2

    paint the tips then let dry. If need coats do so

  • Step 3

    put your middle line and dots (or watevr ur putting) let dry [you dont have to keep the tape on for this part i did cuz im not tht good plus im a rightyyy]

  • Step 4

    once all dry CAREFULLY CAREFULLY! peal the tape off so its not messed up. then put clear coat(s) on then your doneee <3

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