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a cute puppy card for any dog lovers birthday :)
this was made for my friends 13th b'day
she is completely and totally obsessed with puppy dogs
so i though this might be the perfect gift
i was super simple to make and only took 10mins
it was also was extremely cheap because i didn't have to buy anything but the smile on her face when she opened the envelope was priceless. :)

i hope you love this project as much as do
please add to your favs

love miss cookie

Posted by miss cookie from Roma, Queensland, Australia • Published See miss cookie's 15 projects »

  • Step 1

    step 1 ears

    make a template then cut 4 puppy ear shapes out of the fleece.

    then sew them with wrong sides together (try to sew neatly in white thread) all the way around and trim off any exess

  • Step 2

    step 2 face

    ok now just get your card board and fold it in half then cut out a dog face shape
    if your not sure see the photos above for a guide

    remember to cut from the line where you folded it other wise it wont be a card just 2 pieces of cardboard lol:)

  • Step 3

    step3 creation

    now take your 2 ears, position them on the card
    then attach with glue

  • Step 4

    step 4 eyes, nose, and mouth

    now the last step is to glue on your eyes then with a permanent marker give your puppy a nose and some freckles
    then for an extra cute touch take a tooth pic and put a tiny drop of glue on each freckle and sprinkle with glitter (i also added a little glitter on the ears)

  • Step 5

    and there you have it your very own puppy card
    i hope you like it as much as i do
    please add to your favs

    enjoy love miss cookie

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KMOM14 · Fort Wayne, Indiana, US · 378 projects
Awh, what a nice card for your friend! It is super cute.

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