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20 mins

for ur party or as a snack!

Posted by Dayi from Vega Alta, Vega Alta, Puerto Rico • Published See Dayi's 9 projects »
  • Step 1

    well 1rst u need to cut the spam and the red peppers in small cubes...
    *Don't drain the peppers u need the juice*

  • Step 2

    then put half the spam in the blender followed by half the red sweet peppers(make sure to include the peppers juice),put 2 1/2 or 3 big tbs of cheez whiz into the blender and 2tbs of mayo..

  • Step 3

    blend everything until u get a pink liquid like paste..use the spoon to push down ham or any ingredient that stays up,but make sure to turn off the blender u don't want a kitchen disaster,then add the other half of spam and peppers, more cheez whiz and mayo,blend again...

  • Step 4

    when all the ingredients are blend u should have a pinky colored spread *it may look too liquid,that is normal* with a spoon or finger(be careful* try it and the decide if u would like it more salty add more cheez whiz or normal cooked ham...

  • Step 5

    put in a bowl and then to the fridge,wait until is cold make a sandwich and enjoy!

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