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Home sewn apron with printed logo (either screen print or potato print)
Make an apron at home with a logo!

Posted by Bobben from Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom • Published See Bobben's 22 projects »
  • How to make a full apron. Printed Logo Apron - Step 1
    Step 1

    print your logo!

    Method 1 - potato printing

    take potato halves and cut out the letters you need. make sure they are BACK TO FRONT on the potato where applicable. then take the fabric paint and print them on.

    Method 2 - screen printing

    get three pieces of paper - make sure they are bigger than the size of screen. draw on the first sheet HEAVILY *with one of the other pieces beneath it*. cut out the letters from the first sheet only. take the second sheet - with the outline on it - and draw in a shadow/3d blocks for each letter (see picture for example). Finally take the first sheet and place on top of the thrid sheet. draw on the gaps in the letters (ie like the r, p, a, b in the picture)

    place your first sheet on the fabric. mark with a small piece of masking tape beside two oposite corners of the paper so you know where to line up the next sheet. and the screen on top of it. put paint at the top of the sheet all the way along the length of the letter design. using the squeegee pull it through the paint along the screen at 45 degree angle firmly. repeat for all areas and scrape left over paint back into the tub.

    next print the second sheet with a different colour and finally the first sheet with the colour that the fabric is.

  • How to make a full apron. Printed Logo Apron - Step 2
    Step 2

    now cut out the fabric for the apron. you need pieces for each pocket about 1 inch wider all the way round for each. you need three lengths for the straps and the main piece - again all 1 inch wider all around. sew in the edges of the apron first. then sew the straps by folding them up to the right size. sew these onto the apron. finally sew on the pockets by folding the edges underneath as you sew around the bottom and sides of each pocket.

  • Step 3

    yay an apron

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