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30 mins

Make pretzel-shaped dough like Auntie Anne's! :D
Set-by-step. (:

PS the thing on my thumb is the dried-out dough from baking XD

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  • Step 1

    Roll it out 'til its long and thin.

    Note: The longer and thinner you can make the dough rope, the more like Auntie Anne's they will be.

  • Step 2

    Place it as a big alphabet 'U'


    l . . . l <-- the 'tip-ends'
    l . . . l
    l____ l <-- the 'base'

    (Please do ignore the full-stops in between XD )
    the end doesn't have to be squarish

  • Step 3

    Grabbing the 'tip-ends',
    lightly join them together,
    to make a water-droplet-outline shaped dough.

  • Step 4

    Holding the 'water-droplet' 'tip-end' with your left hand,
    hold the bottom round base-end with your right.

  • Step 5

    Using your right hand, twist the dough TWICE to get a braid-like shape.

  • Step 6

    With your left hand, bring down the 'tip-end' to the bottom base.

  • Step 7

    Split or 'un-join' the joined tip base.

  • Step 8

    Press-join each tip to the base.

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