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30 mins

A small notebook made using a post-it pad.
I love to make notebooks. Usually they are tiny and aren't really useful but this time I decided to make one that was both cute and practical.

Posted by Shirin L. from Hong Kong, Hong Kong • Published See Shirin L.'s 39 projects »
  • Step 1

    1. Cut your cardboard to two squares of 9x9cm
    2. Cut a stick of cardboard width 1cm and length 9cm
    3. Glue the cardboard pieces as Square, Stick, Square in the middle of one of the patterned paper sheets of your choice
    4. Leave a 3cm border around the Square, Stick, Square and cut the excess
    5. Glue the ends onto the cardboard, as though you were wrapping up the cardboard
    6. Cut a rectangle of another complementary design of patterned paper to fit over the area that still shows the cardboard and glue it on
    7. Fold the cover so it resembles a book. The Stick is the spine of the book.
    8. Take your square Post-it Pad and glue it onto one side of your book cover
    9. Pop into your pocket or handbag with a cute pen. Be sure to post up a picture of your creation! Voila! You now have a super cute notebook that can be carried anywhere.

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