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Cropped, Loose zip-less shirt you can make yourself with basically no pattern!
How to make a poplin top! It's a short, non-fitted top designed to go over a longer vest or shirt with jeans. All you need to make it is the following:

-approx 1m of fabric (cotton or polyester based non-stretchy)
-a small amount of a second colour of fabric
-sewing machine/thread/scissors
-you or the person it is for!

Based on an original 80s version of this top I picked up vintage. I wanted to make my own one in a different colour and cropped! This is fairly easy to do provided you are used to using a sewing machine/making basic fabric projects.

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  • How to make a pocket t-shirt. Poplin Pocket Top - Step 1
    Step 1

    Cut out the pieces for the poplin. Your two main pieces first should be made based on another item of your clothing. If you take a fitted item of clothing then add approx. 4-5 inches to BOTH sides to get your length. Width will about 3/4 of the length of a t-shirt that fits you. As a rough guide I am a size 10 and the original pieces I cut were 23 inches long and 20 inches wide. For each of these pieces cut the neckline (make sure it is centred) as desired, with the back neckline being higher than the front. These pieces are COLOUR A.

    Cut out now the decoration pieces which comprise of one front panel in COLOUR A the same length as your main pieces and about 5 inches wide. Cut TWO pieces in your second colour, COLOUR B, the same length as the main pieces and about 2 inches wide. Cut a small square for a pocket making it about 1 inch wider all around than the size you want. Remember to make the pocket not cover the COLOUR A decoration panel in width.

    Finally cut the collar pieces which should be 3/4 of the length of the main pieces and about 3 inches thick.

  • How to make a pocket t-shirt. Poplin Pocket Top - Step 2
    Step 2

    Now add the detail to the poplin. Firstly take both the collar pieces and the two COLOUR B front decoration pieces. In turn lay each flat and fold them in on each other long ways on both sides (see i). For the front panels follow through the next steps, taking this and folding it in half long ways (see ii) so it resembles a straight panel (see iii) and then sew the join so it is secured (see iv). With the collar panels undertake step i) and then when doing step ii) do it around the collar cut out section of the each main piece. Then hold it secure and sew it down following the collar line so that you have a clean round collar on each of the main pieces.

    Now decorate the front of the poplin by firstly making the pocket by folding the sides in underneath to the desired size and sewing the sides and bottom of this to the COLOUR A decoration panel where desired. Next place the COLOUR A panel about 2 inches from the bottom of the neck line straight across the main front piece. Take the COLOUR B panels which you just folded and sewed and hold one over the top of the COLOUR A panel so it hides the divide. Sew along each side of the length of the COLOUR B panel which will result in the COLOUR A panel being held in place. Then do the same with the second COLOUR B panel so it looks like the picture.

  • How to make a pocket t-shirt. Poplin Pocket Top - Step 3
    Step 3

    Next take the two main pieces (now decorated) and sew the sides in on themselves so that the front looks like the picture (ie cleanly sewn). Now do the same to the bottom on each piece. Then lay the front main piece on the ground with the detail/decoration facing up. Then take the back main piece and place it on top of the front main with the front facing down. Line them up so the collar and top corners are in line and sew along the two top joins (to the right and left of the collar) so that when you are finished you turn it around to see the front look like the picture.

    Next turn it inside out again and sew from the lowest of the COLOUR B panels to the bottom of the side of the main piece. Do this on both sides.

  • How to make a pocket t-shirt. Poplin Pocket Top - Step 4
    Step 4

    Now when you turn it inside out it should resemble the finished poplin. Alterations now should be made to it to fit you properly. This item is not designed to be tight fitting so should not need a zip added to get it on and off. Try it on and see how it fits and that it comes on and off easily. Then stand with it on in front of the mirror and pull it in at the bottom where the seams are on BOTH SIDES at the SAME TIME to the desired fit. Remember to make this the same amount on each side and measure how much it is you have on each and take a note of this.

    Do the same thing to the top of the sleeves and note this too.

  • How to make a pocket t-shirt. Poplin Pocket Top - Step 5
    Step 5

    Now put these alterations in force. Please follow this advice: try LESS than you measured first on each side and then try it on and alter it more if necessary!

    The image shows the top INSIDE OUT where you will be sewing lines on to alter the top. Once you are happy with the alterations and have tried it on turn it inside out again. Sew the flaps from the alterations to the back along the lines of the bottom/sleeve that already have been sewn on. Then trim any threads/extra material on the insides and flip it round.

  • How to make a pocket t-shirt. Poplin Pocket Top - Step 6
    Step 6

    YAY your poplin is created!!

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