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Turn a planner that’s never been used into a sketchbook you will use!
I had a planner but as i’ve Said I didn’t use it. But I hated to get rid of a good book/ planner cover so I turned my planner into a sketch book.
I used the scraps of paper I already had as the paper for this sketch book.

Time wise i’m Not sure how long this will take, let’s just say it’s depends on how much time you intend to spend on it.
And the accessories are optional, and you can buy some just as easily as you can make some.

I used pictures of wallpapers I found on the internet to decorate the covers and dashboards

Instruction guide:
Step 1: blank paper for the sketchbook/ former planner
Step 4: dashboards
Step 7: dashboard with pocket

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  • Step 1

    Gather your supplise

  • Step 2

    Gather your paper and the templete and start trimming the paper down to the right size. Once it’s down to the right size use your hole punch to punch the holes in, I used the templetes to punch the holes in the right place

  • Step 3

    Place paper in the planner.

  • How to make a sketchbook. Planner To Sketchbook - Step 4
    Step 4

    For the dash board/insert/inner cover:
    Cut the thin card board to the shape of your paper using the templete as a guide.

  • How to make a sketchbook. Planner To Sketchbook - Step 5
    Step 5

    Paste a piece of paper on the thing card board templete, then fold it’s edges around the thin cardboard. Do not trim those edges off! Glue those edges down so that the paper doesn’t peel off so easily.
    Repeat the process of punching the holes in like you did at step 2

    * you can also print a picture off the Internet and paste those on your cardboard instead if you do this skip step 6

  • How to make a sketchbook. Planner To Sketchbook - Step 6
    Step 6

    Once the glue has dried, you can decorate the front
    I choose to water color the front of this one and once it was dry go over it with nail polish to add a little more sparkle to it.
    Then once that was dry I modpodged it so that it wouldn’t dry out or stick to the other pages

  • How to make a sketchbook. Planner To Sketchbook - Step 7
    Step 7

    For a dashboard pocket:
    Get a “dashboard” you made and an envelope that is close to the size of the dashboard.
    (I had to make an envelope for this)
    Decorate it, paste it to the dashboard and paste the Velcro Where you want it to close and your good

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