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Tiny rubber piggy pendant.
Piggy pendant...this isn't really going to be that great of a how-to considering I don't have an process pictures Also, you can see my awesome nail polish on my thumb there.

Posted by aranumenwen from Aurora, Illinois, United States • Published See aranumenwen's 112 projects »

  • Step 1

    Grab your Piggy I got mine from a game my mom used to have. We lost all the other pieces when we were younger, cause we were always playing with it the wrong way.

  • Step 2

    I ended up using half of a snap instillation tool to protect my table. Safety first.

    Turn the piggy upside down and stab him with the safety pin. (eep, hurts my soul) all the way through, be careful though. You want to make sure that it goes straight all the way through. It's going to be a pilot hole of sorts.

  • Step 3

    Pull the safety pin out, grab the pliers and the super tiny dill bit and your piggy. I've never had a drill that was small enough for the bit. I re-found the safety pin hole and started drilling into it just by holding the bit. Then I switched to the pliers

  • Step 4

    Grip the drill bit with the pliers and twist the piggy down the bit to make a bigger hole. Once you've gotten it through you're most likely going to want to pull of some of the little stray bits that came out of the hole with the pliers. Twist the drill bit back out.

  • Step 5

    Put the head pin in the hole, through the top so the loop is at the top. Slide the crimping bead on the end and tighten it so that it isn't going to be moving around.

  • Step 6

    I didn't have any wire cutters so I had to bend the pin back and forth so that it breaks off. I had to hold everything in place pretty well because the crimping bead was still able to move up and down so I broke off the end leaving about 3/8 in. tail.

  • Step 7

    Bend the tail over the the crimping bead to hold everything in place, also to that there isn't a rough wire edge on the bottom. Painful jewelery isn't fun at all.

  • Step 8

    You can either spin the loop in the head pin so that it faces the right way to make your piggy lay flat once its on a chain, or you can spin it the opposite way and add a jump ring. That's probably the best option so that the hole for stringing the chain is bigger.

  • Step 9

    And you're done, I don't have a chain for it yet, but when I do it'll be an awesome necklace.

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Sara  G.
Sara G. · Albuquerque, New Mexico, US · 2 projects
HA i LOVED this project because i loved the game scrolled past this and though OMG ITS A PASS THE PIGS PIGGY!!!
aranumenwen · Aurora, Illinois, US · 117 projects
Hey!!! Someone else who's heard of that game...You're the first out of the many I asked before I gave up and googled it. I never actually played it for really I just stole the piggies.
Olivia H.
Olivia H. · Indianapolis, Indiana, US · 32 projects
Isn't that a pig from Pass the Pigs? It's so cute! I used to play that game all the time when I was a kid.

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