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Coolest clothes you line :D
I did this photo clothes pin line awhile ago. I was watching 'Life With Derek'(Canadian Show), and inside Casey's room was a very retro looking theme kind of thing. Well techincally I say everything is retro, but on her closet door were pictures she hung up as if they were developed.

For me, I have a poor memory to keep my pictures in the album or box so I thought a great way would be to hang them up like in the show I watched. I thought it was neat. :D

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  • How to make a mobile. Photo Clothes Pin Line - Step 1
    Step 1

    Okie Dokie. The first step is to get all your materials. Your going to need string, wooden clothes pin (so it won't ruin the photos), a pair of scissors, and tape. Um for the tape you can either use Masking Tape or Clear Tape. Hmm from experimenting, clear tape is better for appearence, but for strength it's masking tape, plus it won't damage the walls. Everytime I used clear tape, sometimes during the night I'd get scared cause I would hear this crashing from my door XD Oh yes I forgot, the photos. Find nice photos that you want to have up in your room.

  • How to make a mobile. Photo Clothes Pin Line - Step 2
    Step 2

    Okay, there isn't really measurement that you have to worry about. But take the string and guess how long it should be going across your door's width. Usually, I cut a big piece and when I'm done I snip off the extra. Okay, then tape one side of the string and place it on one side of the door. Ususally I start from where the hinge of the door is so I can adjust the other side for later.

  • How to make a mobile. Photo Clothes Pin Line - Step 3
    Step 3

    Now this looks exactly the same step from before, but well yea it sort of is XD Okay now tape on the string to the other side of the door. But before you cut of the extra string, you want to make sure that it sort of sags in the middle. Ususally if you try and make the string straight, and if you put too much photos, it'll crash. But if you make it loose, it'll take off some tension of the weight.

  • How to make a mobile. Photo Clothes Pin Line - Step 4
    Step 4

    Now take your photos and clip them onto the string with your clothes pin. In the photo I ran out of photos and I wanted to show an example so I grabbed an american eagle bag XD which worked amazingly.



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very cool especially for peeps who have lotsa photos!

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