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Some of my personal tips and tricks to achieve the perfect eyelashes.BEST TIPS EVER (at least I think so :P)!!! :D
(sorry for the crappy makeup I didn't have any on when I was doing this tutorial so I just grabbed like two colors and slapped em on lol) If your like me (an extreme makeup junkie) then your have tried almost every mascara out there just to get perfect lashes well now you may not have to go out and purchase a new one everytime you get a clumpy one. I am obsessed and a little o.c.d over getting my eyelashes absolutely perfect and I use these tricks everyday to do so. I hope you enjoy :D. Also all products shown are products that I use everyday!

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  • How to create a two toned eye makeup look. Perfect No Clump Eyelashes!!! - Step 1
    Step 1

    First you want to either use a heated eyelash curler or if you don't have one use a hair dryer and heat up your normal curler. If you don't have a hair dryer then you can fill a glass half full of hot water (I hope you have hot water :P) and place them curler side down for about a min. And please start with clean dry lashes.

  • How to create a two toned eye makeup look. Perfect No Clump Eyelashes!!! - Step 2
    Step 2

    Now that your curler is all heated up you want to start at the base with a slight angle upwards and hold for about 6 seconds. Slightly move up you lashes stop and repeat and so on until you get to the tips. If you would like you can do this a second or third time and even hold for longer if you want or need to have a bigger curl.

  • How to create a two toned eye makeup look. Perfect No Clump Eyelashes!!! - Step 3
    Step 3

    Third step is extremely important and pretty long because it's so magical. If you have a great no clump non thick mascara then you can skip this step if not please proceed. You will need Pepsi, a dropper or something to get the Pepsi in your mascara with, and the mascara of choice. Now ladies (and gents if your into it) DO NOT put water in your mascara it will dry it out faster! You want to take your dropper or what every you have to use and drop three drops of Pepsi into your mascara tube. It will more then likely sit on the top but thats okay it will be solved by this ;) Just close your mascara and shake it, hard (hehe)I suggest doing this once or twice a month or for extremely clumpy mascara more often. Also put your brush in and out only a couple of times and scrape the edges to mix it up. Now I suggest cleaning the actual brush part with some hot water and pinch the brush in between your fingers to get the mascara out you can clean the wand and inside the lid to and let dry. If the inside of you tube has alot of build up just clean it with a q-tip you can do this as often as you wish. So now you have a clean, thinner, and less clumpy mascara.

  • How to create a two toned eye makeup look. Perfect No Clump Eyelashes!!! - Step 4
    Step 4

    Next is applying your like new mascara. When you pull out the brush do not put it back in and out again not even once more it puts air into the mascara. Dab off with the end of the brush (there is usually excess mascara on the end) with toilet paper. Now you can finally apply. I start in the corners while wiggling up to the tip of your lashes, then move to the middle and then then the end part of your lashes and wiggle (the brush that is or your bum to ;)). Alot of people say to but I don't recommend to do a second coat. It could cause clumps.
    Also I use to different brands of mascara for the top and bottom lashes because the brush for your bottom lashes should be smaller.

  • How to create a two toned eye makeup look. Perfect No Clump Eyelashes!!! - Step 5
    Step 5

    Immediately after applying mascara (you don't want it to dry) you want to use your lash separator. I use and swear by Tweezorman's Fold-able ILashcomb Separator. I warn you it is as sharp as a needle (that's why its so amazing) so try not to poke anything especially your eyes its not fun I have done so :S. Use this as much as you want until lashes are not all clumped up and suffocating :x. After this I do go over just the very tips of my eyelashes just to define them but again immediately use the separator again (the key is to not let your lashes dry when doing so). And there you have it folks by this time you should have gorgeous NON CLUMPY lashes. I hope you had fun.

  • How to create a two toned eye makeup look. Perfect No Clump Eyelashes!!! - Step 6
    Step 6

    Another little tip for long, healthy, and lush lashes is when cleaning off your makeup do not rub hard on your lashes it will cause them to get brittle and break. Practice with more gentle ways I always lightly pinch them between my thumb and second finger and gently rub back and fourth with warm water. Also use an eyelash strengthener at night before bed.

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Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
beautiful done, love it, very pretty and great tips you gave, wish i had knew this before i broke my eyeslayes.LOL xxxxxx

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