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Based on Paper Teacup ♥ by Juliet J.
Teacup! My version of someone else's teacup.
Made out of cardboard and paper.

Posted by LollyLabbit from Seoul, South Korea • Published See LollyLabbit's 48 projects »

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calandry · Wasilla, Alaska, US
Whhaaattt?? Is this a paper teacup? or is it a decoupage teacup? No description or instructions. Why not just stick this on a photo site. Doesn't belong here.
Eleanor · Whitehaven, England, GB · 37 projects
If you look at the top it says this is a version of someone else's project (Juliet J.) so to add instructions might seem a but unnecessary or even rude. Could have done with a description, but I think it's unfair to say it doesn't belong here.

It's a gorgeous teacup, the title tells you exactly what it is, and I for one love seeing how the same project turned out for different people.

LollyLabbit · Seoul, KR · 76 projects
No reason to make instructions, since this is my version of someone else's project. I did exactly what they did; this is just my version. You can see many versions of projects on this site

Since I made it, I believe it's okay to post on this site, and not just on a "photo site." This site is for craft and projects. This was made from scratch out of cardboard and paper.
LollyLabbit · Seoul, KR · 76 projects
Thanks EleanorWink
LollyLabbit · Seoul, KR · 76 projects
I'm flattered that calandry thinks it's a decoupaged teacup...must mean I did a pretty convincing job with my paper skillz yo Tongue

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