• Step 1

    1. Take a skillet/pan and add oil
    2. Season chicken with salt and pepper
    3. Add chicken to pan and sear both sides 8-9min each side or until crispy and golden
    4. Remove chicken from pan, and scrape off the pan (these are good to help with the sauce)
    5. Add balsamic vinager (how ever much you want)
    6. Add minced garlic
    7. Let vinager come to a boil
    8. Add butter to help thicken
    9. Transfer chicken to a broiling pan and add blue cheese
    10. Broil 'til cheese is bubbaly
    11. Put raw or cooked spinach on plate add chicken and top off with balsamic reduction.

    Note: if want more balsamic flavor marinate chicken in balsamic for at least 30min before cooking.

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Swindler A.
Swindler A.
This is delicious!
Thank you!

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